Vegetable & Fruit Boxes

What is the box scheme?

Our weekly box scheme is a way of getting fresh produce from the grower to the consumer, with the minimum of time and distance between harvesting and eating. It works for us as growers because we can plan our production based on 300 relatively uniform boxes per week, this provides a stable marketing base, and helps us cut costs through some economies of scale. Since all of the packing and distribution can be done on Thursdays, we can spend the rest of the week farming.

The box scheme customer benefits from this system because they have their own bespoke market garden, dedicated to providing them with better and more varied produce, season after season. The price you pay for the veg in our box is roughly 30% less than you would pay at a farmers market.

We offer both vegetables and/or fruit in your boxes. The majority of the vegetables you receive will be grown by us. We are able to keep our veg box going through the "hungry gap" by supplementing our own produce with that from other parts of the UK and from Europe. The variety of vegetables you receive will vary with the seasons. During autumn and winter, potatoes, carrots, onions, roots and brassicas will be a staple part of your box. In the warmer months you will find lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and beans etc appearing frequently in your box. We try to provide you with as much variety as possible.

The organic fruit we sell is sourced as locally as possible. Our proximity to the Arctic Circle means that the variety of fruit available from the UK is limited. We have excellent local suppliers of apples and pears, and in season you will get our own plums and soft fruit. The citrus fruit and melons come from small to medium sized growers in southern Europe, and our organic bananas are from the Dominican Republic, where smaller independent producers are the norm. None of the produce is air- freighted.

What types of box do we offer

  • £10.0 Vegetable- with 8 different kinds of veg
  • £18.00 Vegetable- with more variety and twice as much veg.
  • £13.50 Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Box- which has 7 different kinds of veg and three different kinds of fruit, normally bananas, apples, and oranges.
  • £ 9.00 Fruit- 5 or 6 different kinds of organic fruit, normally including bananas apples and oranges.

You can have any combination of the above on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

How to Order a Box

Boxes can be ordered from us in two ways:

Open days

If you would like to visit the farm we usually have an Open Day in June. Please see the news page for details around this time.


If you are interested in learning more about organic growing and getting hands on experience we very much welcome volunteers at any time of the year to help us. We can offer lashings of tea in return!

We hope to see you soon,

All the staff and volunteers at Leigh Court Farm